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Individual Art Lether

"Greatest love of all" shoulder bag

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"GREATEST LOVE OF ALL", Whitney Houston

"Everybody searching for a hero

People need someone to look up to

I never found anyone who fulfill my needs

A lonely place to be

And so I learned to depend on me

I decided long ago

Never to walk in anyone's shadows

If I fail, if I succeed

At least I'll live as I believe

No matter what they take from me

They can't take away my dignity

Because the greatest love of all

Is happening to me

I found the greatest love of all

Inside of me

The greatest love of all

Is easy to achieve

Learning to love yourself

It is the greatest love of all"


Χειροποίητη δερμάτινη τσάντα ώμου με μεταλλικές λεπτομέρειες, μαγνητικό κούμπωμα και αποσπώμενο λουρί με δυνατότητα αυξομείωσης.  Μπορεί να φορεθεί και ως φάκελος. Περιλαμβάνει αποσπώμενο δερμάτινο πορτοφολάκι.